Analysis of major mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies in 2016

with the 2016 China downtown pressure on the economy increase, various industries are facing enormous pressure on the survival and profitability, and the education industry business are relatively stable, and some institutions seems even "slightly lower threshold", which listed companies have to this industry transformation.

since 2015 since the winter capital, the trend of a market investment tends to be more and more centralized, each segment of the field will have some leading individual companies, in fact the capital are concentrated in a few, so we can see that more and more large investment, but the investment is small than in previous years reduced. We are concerned about the heavyweight investment mergers and acquisitions, but also in the acquisition of the education industry to reflect the changes in the number of acquisitions in the capital environment of the education industry.

this period [analysis] for the reader’s interpretation of the blue whale stocks, Hong Kong stocks, A shares and three new board of education, the overall trend.

first, 2016 M & a preference


According to the

education in December 9th inventory of the blue whale merger initiator of A shares of listed companies "education of Listed Companies in 2016 ten merger". After combing, including A shares, Hong Kong stocks, and the new board a total of 47 companies in the industry, manufacturing, education, industry, computer application services were 40.43%, 38.3% and 6.38% in the main investor industry types before three, manufacturing industry and education industry accounted for the total and has been reached 78.73%.

in the whole social background, there are many companies in the main business and education industry eight pole could not beat, some cross-border the company’s main business are near the starting point of education, some cross into the field of education from the occupation training industry itself which is the blue whale, the preliminary analysis of the driving cross-border education education from three aspects:

1 in the traditional transformation of traditional industries. Get involved in cross-border education of listed companies about three types, one is the traditional manufacturing overcapacity, fierce competition is a traditional service enterprise, one is the main business and culture media art technology industry enterprises.

capital stock market, the stock market trends at present part of the listed company’s share price cut, in addition, traditional industries affected by competition and industrial structure factors, the market performance is not satisfactory. In order to seek performance development and market performance into the education sector, education as a strategic concern business. "Internet plus", the development background of the state society, many projects especially new projects with the Internet linked, can be applied to the online education market, through access to the user, the cash flow for the business model, with the help of the listed company’s capital resources for development.

2 capital with the concept of speculation share price. The concept of listed companies are generally looking for a number of ways to test the water, education is a key concept, including health care, finance, including the concept of hot spots. In education stocks experienced several rounds of stir after.

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