No longer self touted electric car into the harvest season

these two days, automotive electricity supplier industry reported good news, first there were rumors that Ali will invest the car home, then Ali reached a strategic cooperation with SAIC, BAIC and cooperate with the music has contact information, in addition, always thinks highly of the joint venture brands have been interested in the car business, yesterday. The upcoming Ralink GAC TOYOTA began to receive pre-sale in the car home car mall.

2013, the electric car’s voice of a wave after wave, however, most people feel is only heard and not in fact, however, the media sought for automotive electricity supplier market development has played a great role in promoting, entering the 2014, the development of automotive electric provider market has finally made substantial progress. The first car, the media have to carry out the business services, car business platform successive line; second, the independent brand to strengthen the electricity supplier marketing efforts, joint venture brands of electric cars from the long-term wait-and-see attitude to actively expand; third, Internet companies start from multiple dimensions involved in the automotive industry and related markets.

automotive media transformation platform fully involved in the automotive electricity supplier

as the country’s largest automotive information is known for automotive media, the car is the representative of the transformation of automotive electricity supplier automotive media. From the beginning of April this year, a series of car home electricity supplier exploration:

April: 4.15 car festival activities;

June: Chery Tiggo 3 exclusive sale network;

June: automotive electronic business platform, car mall on-line;

July: Home revision of the car, to the platform of the steering;

August: Guangzhou TOYOTA pre sale.


had been suffering from a large commodity transaction market is not mature, the market foundation, no car category involved in the electricity supplier in O2O however, become the mainstream voice of future consumption patterns, electric car market ushered in the opportunity for development, in this context, has a large and has the car home car purchase intention to flow naturally will not miss can improve the traffic into opportunities.

From the perspective of

automotive media, car home basic is done, very difficult to have a substantial increase in space, as a listed company, on the one hand, should pay attention to their existing mode of earning capacity. On the other hand to constantly adapt to the changing market, to find new opportunities. In the electricity supplier has been fully mature market background, from the automotive media to the automotive electricity supplier is a natural stride stride, for other automotive media is the same reason.

in the successful on-line car mall car business platform, car home to "the left hand right hand media platform" posture for the upcoming electric car market prepared to meet the challenge. The left hand can attract a large number of high-quality media flow, while the right hand is the platform of traffic as much as possible into consumption, enhance the liquidity of the entire platform, car home, car mall has just set up to enhance the task the cashability.


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