A member of the 1 million 221 people were pornographic website moderator K

      Jingzhou police announced that 10, the Bureau supervisor detachment experienced a bitter struggle for 80 days, a series of Artillery Corps "," destroyed "angel", "amazing love paradise", "energy-saving" four multinational pornographic websites. Arrested four suspects at home and abroad, seized dirty money of $about 100000. Four porn sites total membership reached millions of giant, the moderator reached 221 people, the highest daily online visits of up to 28 thousand people.

    it is understood that the "4.19" of the Ministry of public security supervision cases in Jingzhou Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment seized so far in the case of the most difficult, most front length, use means the most expensive and time-consuming biggest case. Suspects to take the modus operandi of collusion, involving the United States, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and other places. Website involving pornography, mainly based on child pornography, supplemented by other adult pornography large website.

    Jingzhou police, four suspects arrested were "artillery regiment" pornographic website moderator, general manager Wu (male, 35 years old, Guizhou province Qiannan Pingtang county); "purple hills Pavilion", "wild angels", "love’s paradise" the general manager Wang pornographic website (formerly known as South Korea, male, 26 years old, Guangdong Province, Yangchun City, Shenzhen city water Pui Village residence); "Artillery Corps captured pornographic website general webmaster Wang (Taiwan Taipei city people, male, 48 years old, Fuyong Baoan District Town, Shenzhen city residence).

    February 2007 to March, the city of Songzi acquired two network monitoring unit to buy online child pornography CDs (the contents of 3 to 13 year old girls and adult sex video and picture information), Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment of thunder immediately developed tracing ear. In April 7th in Guangdong Province, with the collaboration network monitoring department, online sales of pornographic discs of children arrested the suspect Kwak (male, 23 years old, Guangdong Shantou people, staying in Guangdong city of Guangzhou province). After review, since 2006, Kwak in a number of foreign pornographic websites registered as a member, children pornographic film and pictures crazy download on these sites, and to the 275 buyers sales of more than 1000 children pornographic discs (arrested handled separately). With the deepening of "Artillery Corps", "purple hills Pavilion", "wild angels", "love paradise" and a number of pornographic websites into the network police’s attention.

    according to Guo confessed, Jingzhou immediately instructed the police detective means through a variety of one will be four transnational pornographic websites destroyed.

      away from yellow, purify network environment. Thunder Wangxuan


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