A part time earn three thousand month there is no free lunch

people open shop to make money, also opened a shop with. No source, no camera, shop decoration and promotion are not. See a generation of delivery, do not need any fees, the above can be. The picture is very beautiful, one after another have friends, bought or raised, or feeling and the picture is not the same thing. The mood suddenly plummeted, see friends always feel feel shy. Behind the wiser, I sell goods, goods is good, but I do not understand the market, take the price is too high. After friends bought, anger and said I kill people, because Taobao on such things, it is much cheaper than me. Was dead.

although disappointed, but did not give up. I’m looking for something cheap to sell. As long as the thought of cheap, we all like, even if the quality is poor. At this point I stared at the high profit of adult supplies. Because not so much money, so just advanced some condoms, because it is the network group, know receipt, but not low imitation, but also expired. At that time, I lost confidence in the basic network shop. I don’t think I can do business at all.


do not shop, but still like online shopping, although often buy fake or very dissatisfied with the cheap goods, but to see the low price and beautiful pictures, or can not help but will set the wallet. That day in the forum to see someone accidentally spread Eancl Hugo network sports shoes agent network. My first feeling was not to be their agent, but to buy their shoes. Look at reasonable prices, and attractive pictures. I do not know what crazy, suddenly get bought two pairs of Andidasi, bought two pairs of CONVERSE for her boyfriend, her boyfriend eyes are green: "more than and 800, 1/4 months salary, the sister-in-law grandma, and stimulated by what! If is ten the goods, really will cry!"

I thought

, if it is fake, never online shopping (this is deceiving yourself if O (a _ U) O). Because it is shipped within 24 hours, so 12 that night, I saw your express no.. With the mood of waiting. When the goods are received, the company’s colleagues have gathered around, my hands began to tremble. If this is known as super A is also a fake, I really was too much of a joke by colleagues, this is not a few pieces, but 887 Oh (Note: online shopping fake too many colleagues know!)Wang

, impatient, already could not stand, he snatched the demolition, when the little pink shoes, jump out of the moment of the box, the female colleague (* o *) wow cried out: "good little Bai Zhi, very good!" I just took a deep breath. After all the colleagues have to buy. I have to increase credit for the Eancl mall, have forgotten can also do agents.

after half a day of molars, because I used to buy goods, can act as an advance payment, so that the heat of his mind to do his home gold agent. I did not follow the mall’s exhortations, zero inventory, and then shipped to someone. I have to buy a few of their own feel good to sell. Then >

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