5 strokes to make your soft Wen is easier to be shared

soft Wen marketing is the most effective way to promote the 2015, the essence of soft marketing is to share and brand, the most important thing is to be shared by users. Let us look at a few examples:


in the three examples, each of the soft Wen himself only made to the 3 platform (to avoid suspicion of AD, did not disclose the specific address), but Baidu included are also good, especially in the second article, included the amount reached more than 1800. These data is only the data collected by Baidu, I believe there is no included reproduced share a lot…

many webmasters will ask, what’s the mystery? What skills can make me soft to you as cattle B?

soft share itself is not what technology live, but how can let you share the rave reviews, is indeed a hundred responses to a single call, a very technical work, research shows that, want to let you share get more attention, recovery and diffusion, is a skill.

let the query and publishing platform "Asia’s largest activities" activist "webmaster (long term ah), for all weapon, summed up the following 5 strokes, let your soft Wen can also like us is a large number of users to share, the rapid expansion of the number of the chain and brand awareness.

Tips 1: identify the original release point.

original release point, is the first time you release the place, this place will determine how many users will see your soft Wen, and to share it on their own website or SNS community.

has several requirements: (1) Baidu news source, (2) the top three industry portal, (3) information must be matching columns, and the column update speed, (4) if the budget, can buy a few top, you know.

skills 2: the title of the party is very important.

is the title of the party believe needless to say we all know, give everyone a few key words: escape, restriction, aging, and controversial topics, numbers, questioning, top, exaggerated. In the premise of maintaining the soft center unchanged, more flexible use of these, will help to open the soft Wen, of course, can also increase the probability of sharing.

this reminds me of a time when I was watching TV on a TV show, the crosstalk said the "Water Margin" changed its name to "105 men and 3 women", the results of sales is very hot.

webmaster feel it.

skills 3: let your soft Wen be trusted.

wants your content to be shared by others, first of all to make sure that this is something you can trust, and the building of this trust may include several ways to create, for example:

(1) content sharing with you is a good friend, there is a trustworthy relationship between you, based on this relationship, the content is easier to be trusted;

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