COO just need to do one thing in the startup

simply said, COO in start-up companies actually need to do one thing, that is:

to do the company has not yet recruited a person in charge, but it is very important to help the company to find the absent (whether from outside recruitment or appointment of internal colleagues), give way to TA, then do the next thing.

this is my experience as a summary of COO, in order to let you know the meaning of this sentence, I would like to talk about how I became a COO bar.

I’m not COO at first.

my company, Mattermark, based on the Referly, but I am not one of the founders of Referly. Danielle and Kevin found me after I turned off my LaunchGram. At that time, their company, Referly, was struggling to survive, and I was as an individual contributor (not a manager).

Danielle told me that she and Kevin have decided to turn off the Referly, they do not know what to do next, but I still welcome to join the team to continue the task. So that’s what I did with Mattermark, and it’s no different from what I’m doing.

we just started doing Mattermark. Danielle wrote a lot of blog, with potential investors to negotiate; I manually collect a lot of data, Kevin is helping to make this process into a software. On the whole, we used to do blog, no scale, but also software engineer.

on the eve of the official Mattermark, I suddenly thought of a problem. I asked Danielle and Kevin, "am I the co-founder of Mattermark? It feels like that." They promised me that. Later, Danielle became the Mattermark of CEO, Kevin is CTO, and for me, in addition to the co-founder of this identity, really no longer need another title.

has become the three largest task of


as mentioned earlier, my job is to complete a task. And the first thing I did was to build the data team.

Mattermark in the earliest days, the data we collected manually. Compared with the incumbent and the latecomers, we believe that there is a big advantage, that is, we are willing to do something that has not yet formed a scale, but can provide users with value.


collect Benchmark investment data, make Excel form

, therefore, Mattermark build >

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