Raised after the failure of investors to get their money back


public offering as a new way of raising, originally popular mainly in the minority artists in the circle. They have scattered support from the world’s scattered supporters for the release of works of art. Slowly, this fund-raising model was developed in many commercial projects to raise funds, its popularity and fund-raising scale has reached an unprecedented level. One of the world’s largest public offering website Kickstarter has already raised more than tens of millions of dollars for many people to invest with the entrepreneurial dream.

but, if the investor support of the public offering project failed, they get their money back?

Uhrman is one of the project sponsors on Kickstarter, she brought an open source game called Ouya, and from more than 57000 supporters to get more than $8 million 600 thousand in financial support. In return, Uhrman to meet the requirements of each supporter to provide a Ouya game machine. When asked "if you can’t do on time delivery or no delivery, you will give the supporters a refund?", she said: "as a sponsor of a project, I don’t know how Kickstarter is specified, the question of whether there is a standard answer. However, to have a conscience, so I will refund."

for this problem, NPR reporter visited Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler. Yancey Strickler said the site has not yet encountered such problems, this kind of thing will happen in the future, he added.


record of Kickstarter financing history of smart watches Pebble financing project, because the sponsor postponed delivery by a supporter to request a refund, this thing finally died. Another project, called Popsocket, failed to fulfill its commitment to supporters, and there are reports that the funds have been taken up by factory and lawyers. Given the hopeless delivery, Popsocket’s founder, Barnett, has decided to refund $40 to each of the 500 supporters.

"I’ve had a very bad precedent," Barnett said. "I made them feel like they had a failed sale. With the development of Kickstarter, there may be more and more people regard it as a market to buy things, rather than a place to support creativity."

indeed, with the development of the public offering of the site, raise the question of the existence of this form of financing is also slowly exposed. Because supporters are likely to get more or less real returns from the project sponsor, it is no different from buying and selling. >

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