30 billion 300 million times a year this is a national expression you must be in the

[TechWeb] January 23rd news reports, released the "2016 annual report" QQ expression data, before the official QQ WeChat data show that 877 million QQ old driver chat record, bared teeth face for five consecutive years ranked first, sending up to 30 billion 300 million times, the "smile", "laughing" expression ranked two or three.


bared teeth face for five consecutive years ranked first in

Tianjin people love slip Le

From the point of view of the use of

smile, Tianjin people love slip music, Cantonese a little introverted, Shanghai people love Wuzui break, Beijing love spicy Sichuan teasing you, with love tongue expression, which may be due to eat too spicy.


boys than girls love expression

the proportion of men and women from the expression of the total proportion of men accounted for 6, female was 4. But the two sides of the most favorite expression package TOP5 is not the same.


twelve constellation favorite expression

from the perspective of the constellation analysis, different constellations like the expression package is not the same. For example, in a critical and obsessive love for Virgo, send expression is turn white. Leo love is the most aggressive nose buckle expression, Scorpio is subtly malicious "love too profound to be understood and smiled".

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