PO A mobile search to catch up with Baidu which is perhaps the most ambitious year Sogou


spend $40 million to build a robot at a station in the end "Wang Zi" first show, Baidu small degree robot is not in "The Brain" curtain call. Public relations behavior of these show muscles, are AI for commercial search.



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seems to be a part of a series of publicity plans — at the end of last year, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in the "one-stop" lost in the 71 year old teacher, claiming that let the robot of artificial intelligence development Sogou for his revenge last night – this sentence fulfilled.


robot named Wang Zi, unlike Alpha Go, Wang Zi is the main function of Q & A, a station in the end "with" the answer format, behind the principle is the speech recognition technology and understanding questions, then through the intelligent analysis, extract the answers from the Sogou search retrieved information.

Wang Xiaochuan is keen to the new story of artificial intelligence and propaganda Sogou Sogou, perhaps behind the United States IPO dream. In an interview with Bloomberg, he once again brought the listing plan, but also added a smell of gunpowder with the suffix – three years to catch up with Baidu mobile search.

, such as the successful listing, Sogou is expected to market value of $4 billion to $5 billion, the release of 10% of the shares listed in circulation, the funds will be used for the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning investment in order to improve the search results.

prior to reaching this goal, Sogou also need to do three things: to build several mobile search scene star AI products, proof search ability flow scale of sustained high growth, and let the market see AI really have the commercial space.

we are interested in, in China’s search engine ranking, the involvement of artificial intelligence technology can provide a chance to overtake the corner overtaking.

2016, Baidu lousy. Sogou is taking advantage of accelerated strategic cooperation with Google, Microsoft, occupy the market share. In Wang Xiaochuan’s words, Sogou last year fought a battle. According to iResearch in the third quarter of last year, a user survey, Sogou mobile search market accounted for more than 16.2%, equivalent to Baidu’s $1/3. But Sogou mobile search traffic growth has entered a period of acceleration, in 2016 compared with the same period in 2015 doubled.

this year we might be witnessing a close combat recently the company from Baidu. In 2017, around the two core business search and input method, 36 krypton has the following aspect:

think SogouAfter the

aspect 1: gezonglianheng, selected search business differentiation play

for Sogou, and whether it is realistic or not, to go beyond Baidu’s approach is clearly not to become another Baidu, but the expansion of Baidu did not play the difference between the cards.


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