Earn 100 yuan a day sitting at home to make money is a scam

7, Tianjin University student high to reporters reflect, he and a few students to join a post titled Superman post online studio. Help the site in other well-known sites on the forum to send money, the other Party promised to post a day up to earn 100 yuan. But the small and high students are busy for a white, did not get a penny.

, according to Gao Gao, the name of the post office named Superman is found in other web forums, he found that the page is very simple, but the content is very attractive. The website claims to join the studio can sit at home to earn money, working 2 to 3 hours a day can easily earn between $40 to $80. But the studio does not accept telephone counseling, QQ group must be opened through his contact. In accordance with the requirements, candidates must find 40 sites on their own, each site to provide Studio Photos and comments at least two. To meet the requirements after the studio will pass Alipay will be paid in cash to the applicant’s account in Taobao. A group of two candidates each post, can get 3 yuan of income, and according to the number of people with thread can give 1 to 2 yuan reward, a daily settlement. It is understood that these posts are mainly some enterprises for their products, hire publicity on various websites.

small high and students according to the rules of the studio issued two days post, but found that the bank account did not receive money, it was thought that a scam. Tianjin University student counselor Jiang teacher told reporters, recently many students with him to reflect this issue, these students are busy. Jiang teacher gave reporters calculations, if a set of two posts for 3 yuan, 40 websites is 120 yuan a month, if not stop, the monthly income of 3600 yuan, this is not pie in the sky? But according to Jiang teacher observation, the post recruitment information or web site there are a lot of perceived vulnerability, such as only contact and candidates is QQ number and email accounts, in addition to not have any exact information to identify the authenticity of each other.

subsequently, the reporter on the search engine search post studio, so many posts have about 2000000, such as the high post of Superman post post information also has tens of thousands. According to many years engaged in psychological counseling teacher Yu introduced, this website is the use of people’s psychological tendency, but also cater to the college students do not want to work to get paid to the success of the idea of fraud.

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