Google Youtube and Facebook release the domain name can be accessed

renamed China ( July 11th news, last night, users reflect that Google can access the domain name, also and can also access the landing, is blocked for Google, Youtube and Facebook face book is open



it is understood, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan city friends, during a visit to Google based services, can be a normal landing Beijing Google server IP, although the search and part of the plug-in function slightly unstable, but still can be used.


is China, exit the market in 2010 March, users visit the domain name, jump to, in June of the same year, display to access the domain name bridge page, the user clicks to access, termination of direct jump way.

January 2013, from Qihoo 360 in cooperation with Google news, between 360 confirmed and Google cooperation does exist, this year in late January 26th to 27 am, some users reflect Google China short open for a period of time, but then click on the Google search box will jump to the domain name

and Google’s HTTPS search service and Google login service, from May 27th onwards began to be shielded, and all other related Google are affected, domestic users can not use Google search.

Now that Google

suspected unblocking message, other parts of the users have begun to try on Google, but some said at yesterday’s successful user login, Google cannot access again today.



In addition to Google

, yesterday evening, there are users that Youtube and Facebook can also visit the face book, "https://" can open to access directly, but to a very limited number of users visit the web site, Google, Youtube and Facebook are closed, also need to look for a period of time.

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