China nternet venture capital tide encounter cold who will be the survivors


Internet Storm

not long ago, optimists believe that the new round of Internet tide has just begun.

looks exactly the same. Since the second half of last year, after the economic crisis, the proliferation of liquidity driven capital market rapidly warming, in October 2010, Mcglaughlin listed on the Nasdaq, the first day shares rose 56.9%. Mcglaughlin’s listing opened up to 7 months of Chinese stocks listed in the u.s.. In the 7 months to the capital market continues to heat up, the end of the video site Youku, e-commerce website Dangdang and mobile Internet Co Skye successfully listed. In March 2011 the Qihoo 360 landed on the NYSE, the beginning of the May, everyone, Qin Jiayuan have been successfully listed this wave to the peak.

capital markets crazy concept of China has also rapidly affected the entrepreneurial market, a large number of start-up companies to get investment. In the most crazy group purchase as an example, the United States mission at the end of 2010 to get the Sequoia $20 million investment, completed by the end of the handle up to 50 million months after the second round of financing, and financing of $110 million, is also in the beginning of 2011, financing $100 million. Take Kai Ying network social concept in early 2011 received a $15 million financing, and started 3C products e-commerce giant Jingdong is financing $1 billion 500 million. Emerging mobile areas almost every day there are start-up companies, only a business plan will be able to get angel investment, some angel investors even in the suitcase full of cash to see entrepreneurs.

However, after

listing climax at the beginning of the May, with some U.S. investment institutions deliberately short and a series of fraud storm, Chinese stocks quickly fell from a peak valley. Except 360, all break all other listed in 2011 Chinese stocks without exception. While the original listing plans in addition to rice successfully landed on the NYSE, thunder, Shanda literature have postponed the listing plan, almost overnight, the United States listed the door tightly shut.

who did not expect the gold window of the capital market so short. People generally optimistic about the expected this wave will continue for one to two years or even longer, although the capital market valuation repeatedly hit a high price, but the most talked about topic is just the cost of the Internet boom bubble much.

the real crisis is coming. In August, the European economic volatility risk, financial crisis the bottom two moment to become a reality, the possibility of liquidity expansion is not large, the market fears the rapid rise of psychological capital. People will not forget that when the financial crisis broke out in 2008, venture capital Sequoia Capital to all investors, the golden age has been resting tombstone warning.

but like many people deny that this is an Internet bubble, the most popular Internet industry such as e-commerce, social networking, mobile Internet, etc.

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