One week news review electricity supplier price war alleged fraud Baidu launched cloud services

1 Baidu officially launched cloud services platform to provide developers with API

September 3rd morning news, Baidu world 2012 conference held in Beijing today, Baidu officially launched the cloud service platform for users (, the current cloud storage, photo album, mail list etc.. In addition, Baidu cloud also provides developers with API, and said this model for cloud 2.


, Baidu cloud released the album, features include SkyDrive, cloud mail list etc.. At the same time also provides a cross screen, cross terminal functions, covering the computer, mobile phones, pad, TV and other platforms. Baidu will also open up the future of music, libraries and other mainstream products, into a one-stop cloud platform services.

users can according to the demand, the freedom to choose personal data to third party applications, access to the corresponding services. Developers through Baidu cloud will effectively reduce the cost of development, operation, promotion, etc..

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The 2

tourism website price war had become the quagmire: Ctrip elong is to join rebels

vigorous electricity supplier price war lasted only a few days, while the online travel market price war has been going on for three months. In June this year, Ctrip to carry out large-scale promotion, eLong, mango, the way cattle net, cruel dispatch net quickly follow. Discount, return, discount…… The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, online travel market suddenly fast. However, the electricity supplier price war in a threatening manner, Ctrip, eLong have said that he is forced on the "price war" the ship had to battle for the brand and development.

and electricity supplier price war "compared to a small fire, smoke" online travel website takes out a lot of real money for price war. The online travel website for consumers discount and return now reached a historical peak, Ctrip launched the "three star hotel full back 50 yuan, the following two star hotel full back 30 yuan; elong said, the hotel group purchase on the basis of the original ten percent off yuan reduction"; but with the way the network also announced invest 90 million yuan profit feedback, 26000 hotels to participate in the "comment on return bonus"……

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tourism website price war had become the quagmire: Ctrip elong is to join rebels

online travel website moves frequently cooperation into a trend


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