SAC intends to strengthen the regulation of online shopping hire the worst teacher fined 30 thousan


online shopping economy in the hot growth, while its integrity crisis is also increasingly prominent. According to the "2013" electronic commerce enterprise credibility investigation report "revealed that less than 60% of the respondents for the existing e-commerce enterprises in the aspects of the integrity of customer service satisfaction; more than 26% of consumers expressed dissatisfaction.

September 11th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the "network commodity trading and related services management approach (Draft)" for public comment. If no accident, after 1 months of publicity, the revised regulations, will soon be in accuracy and intensity of hitherto unknown, hiding in micro-blog in the virtual world, "bad teacher and illegal network accurately, to strengthen the protection of rights and interests of consumers and regular network operators.

is hiring seven Navy


will employ the Navy and poor teacher behavior, explicitly included in the prohibited acts of unfair competition, become the biggest highlight of the draft.

draft eighteenth clear: the network operators, service operators to sell goods or services shall comply with the provisions of the anti unfair competition law and other laws and regulations, not to improper competition, harm the legitimate rights and interests of other operators disrupt social economic order. At the same time, shall not use the means of network technology or carrier, etc., to engage in the following acts of unfair competition:

(a), unauthorized use of counterfeit famous website domain name, name, logo, and other famous sites caused confusion; (two) the unauthorized use of counterfeit, government departments or social organizations electronic identification; (three) virtual items for the prize of lottery prize winning sales of virtual goods, the agreed amount over the law the regulations allow limit in the network market; (four) hiring or together with others, in the form of fictitious transactions to enhance the business reputation themselves or others; (five) hiring or together with others to deal after the contrary to the facts malicious damage assessment rival business reputation; (six) competitor on the website or web page illegal attacks, causing competitors can not operate normally; (seven) other acts of unfair competition.

participated in this regard, the revision and the measures for the administration of the deputy director of Chinese Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee Allah wood "Legal Daily" in an interview with reporters, for unfair competition regulation, in fact, some of the original law can also be covered, but the pertinence and operability is not very strong, now have this the rules, can give you a clearer guidelines, which are typical of unfair competition, so in the law enforcement more clearly. This revision is in between these years have become increasingly prominent in the price war, industry competitors malicious bad review and other acts of unfair competition, is the emergence of new problems, make changes in the three years in the process of implementing the environment adjustment.

hire poor judge or the maximum penalty of 30 thousand

in July this year, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the city people’s Court on.

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