Pay tribute to customer service at the front line of work

I was a former customer service staff in the union, the nature of the work so that I developed the habit of webmasters, because you need to know about the needs of the recent webmaster. But there will always be a chat with customer service posts everywhere. In fact, as an insider know (so to speak) in front of the staff, I really want to have a word for the customer service personnel, but also everyone please pay attention to your behavior, don’t put your anger onto these lovely people.

a good website, customer service is their publicity a window of the best, customer service image directly affect a company’s image, but also the most customer service in the company without a job convincing, accept, the first time they reflect the problem, but they can not directly solve the problem. Many webmaster illegal audit situation, direct the spearhead at customer service, even if you are viciously slander, the quality of the China webmaster, please you to produce your high quality, one is reasoning.

customer service has their professional ethics, they want to use professional customer service terms, but sometimes it is stiff, feel official, lack of affinity, which is inevitable, because it is their work.

you’re complaining and forget that they’re just a customer service officer, not a boss. Some owners in the illegal or audit problems will make the customer service, they are also very understanding you these hard-working webmaster, but they are people, not God, is not the customer, mister, if you are now accepting the consultation is the right one, then you will certainly help you solve the problem immediately. Your grievances are complaining, they? They can’t see your words, your opinions complained to superiors, they will only take you to reflect the comprehensive situation leading to reflect, in order to learn the views of the company, the better development of the alliance, and one of the only customer service complaints you to swallow, if you still lovely quality of webmaster, change an angle to consider these lovely people who work for you.

Another point to the

statement, you are a registered webmaster, any alliance is free, since you have been nearly free money, don’t die a few hundred dollars for the Commission of the bs. The alliance is relying on advertisers, advertising Little League is not good, of course, your commission will be reduced, so the union staff are working hard for you to find more advertising, give you the biggest benefits, which are both profitable things, you don’t need to complain about what.

do your website, put your advertisement in earnest, you consciously abide by the rules, and why even alliance people give you for trouble. Don’t come cheap Maiguai. Do the most quality of China’s webmaster, to the first line of the lovely people pay tribute to the work!

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