After 80 magazines do not only open a limited number of websites selling goods

young, handsome, fashionable, it is difficult to believe that the eyes of the younger than the actual age of the young boy is actually "YOHO" trend magazine and the founder of the YOHO website. The young CEO, one hand to create the country’s first online young city, all over the country’s registered members have about 4500000 people, the main crowd is between the ages of 18 – "fashion".

resignation real founder fashion magazine

in 2002, 22 year old Nanjing boy Liang Chao graduated from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, entered the Nanjing TV reporter.

from the cost and efficiency considerations, television stations tend to do local people’s livelihood and other news programs. For entertainment, is the introduction of. It’s not my job." In 2004, Liang Chao decided to quit his job, even though he was promoted to be a producer. Many friends around him scolded him blind toss, but he knows what he wants to go home to think about how entrepreneurship.

Liang Chao found that the mainland specialized magazines for young people rarely, mostly for white-collar fashion magazines, the initiation of the "fashion magazine" creative "fashion will continue for a period of time, and the trend is a gust of wind, said to stay away, our audience positioning in young people 18 at the age of 28, is the main force of college students and graduate students in this class, innovative ideas, full of ideas and action, is a huge market needs to be developed, I felt the need of a media to meet this age."

2005 in October, Liang Chao began working with the magazine, embarked on the first step of entrepreneurship. He sold a few years ago to help his family bought a set of about 200000 yuan house, got a total of $about 500000 into the magazine. As a magazine of supporting, YOHO website also opened.

said that the magazine for six months, has been faced with the depletion of funds. What he can do is to borrow money and persuade others to postpone the collection. In order to get the funds, Liang Chao around, non-stop to participate in the venture, the show, hoping to get the support of venture capital institutions. 2006 – October, a venture capital institutions fancy them, to their capital injection.

open online store selling limited commodity

YOHO "website, with our familiar designer, brand and reader feedback to us, magazines and websites on the products is very good, but if you can buy directly through the website, so that consumers don’t bother to go to the store to buy better." Liang Chao said, it can be said that there are goods mall is an unexpected harvest, and has become the focus of the company’s development.

compared to Taobao, eBay and other online stores, Liang Chao believes that goods have their own advantages. ‘goods’ directly to young people. Other shop positioning is more broad, young people will not feel the special service. ‘goods’ sales of goods, there are 30% of the limited brand products, which are not in the physical store and Taobao

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