2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots Conference has registered website list

by the Shanghai Owners Association, Wang Chenyun (honorary president of Swp) the general planning of "2008 Shanghai grassroots Internet Conference", will convene in January 12, 2008 at the grassroots. Grassroots conference theme: grassroots. Stand out". This will be a big internet grassroots website as the protagonist of the annual festival.

grassroots conference is open interactive activities. Organizers will be invited to the success of the Internet, grassroots webmaster at the scene to do in-depth dialogue, listen to their Internet operations experience, mining business model, thinking about how we should profit in 2008.

we are looking forward to meeting in the 2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference, but also look forward to 2008 you stand out from the grassroots!

time: January 12, 2008 (Saturday) at 13:00 PM to start

location: Shanghai Xujiahui Park Hotel (Shanghai City, Xuhui District Wanping Road No. 315)

traffic lines: located in the center of Xujiahui, Shanghai District, any traffic lines to Xujiahui, such as subway line

participants: > 500

organization: Shanghai webmaster Association (Swp)

general designer: Wang Chenyun (Swp honorary president China outac founder)

organizer: investment in

co organizer: investment in

invited Co: Ali Mama

special media support: Shanghai Youth Daily MSN channel Shanghai……

media publicity: "Morning News", "IT times", Shanghai TV channel, Oriental TV, Sina, NetEase, Sohu……

brand design: on the marketing planning agency

Conference Official Website: http://s.2008.021zhan.com

participants: 1) online registration, 2) site registration, 3) telephone registration, 4) E-mail registration

recommended online registration: http://s.2008.021zhan.com/baoming.aspx or http://s.www.chinawsw.com/baoming

registration deadline: January 12, 2008 12:45 (site registration)

fee: free

Tel: 021-22818169 Mr. Zhang 021-22818603 Mr. Li

24 hours hotline: Mr., Mr.

, 13917218658


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