Talking about WeChat marketing and precautions

marketing is now popular in such a sentence: before, if there is no official micro-blog account, then you OUT; now, if you do not have WeChat official account, then you are more OUT. WeChat in the end is how hot it? Well-known IT Lu Songsong said in the blog, blog, you missed; SNS, you missed; micro-blog, you missed; and WeChat’s new public platform, you can not miss. January 21, 2011, Tencent launched instant messaging applications WeChat, which supports the software to send voice messages, video, pictures and text, you can group chat, called China’s 2011 hottest mobile Internet applications. From January 2011 to the end of the year, the user has more than 50 million, of which 20 million are active users. WeChat grew even faster than Sina micro-blog, the industry has been recognized as one of the most successful China Mobile Internet products. WeChat marketing is optimistic at the same time, there are a lot of questions. Under the hair with you to see what the WeChat marketing and what precautions.

a unique voice advantage

in the streets, restaurants, parks and other public places to see someone using the phone as a walkie talkie, you do not know it is WeChat, then you absolutely out. WeChat not only supports text, pictures, emoticons convey, but also support voice transmission. If you’re tired of typing messages, you can send a voice message directly from WeChat. Everyone can use a QQ number to build my own WeChat Volkswagen number, and in the WeChat platform and the completion of a specific group of text, pictures, voice of the full range of communication, interaction.

but at the same time, if the WeChat as a marketing approach, then the direct transmission of voice information is both an advantage and may become a big mistake. Because the voice of the transmitter requires both the voice of the voice of the sweet, but also requires the accumulation of specific knowledge.

two, positioning function

WeChat is also linked to the LBS feature, in WeChat’s view of the people in the vicinity of the plug-in, the user can find my location geographical location adjacent to WeChat users. In addition to the basic information of the user’s name, the system will also display the contents of the user’s signature file. Businesses can also use this free advertising for me to advertise, and even advertising. When you are dining in a restaurant, suddenly came a friend of WeChat, said the vicinity of a certain shopping malls in the promotion, or there are any good activities in the vicinity, is not feeling good?

But WeChat

positioning system convenient also exposes your specific location, it is possible that some criminals take advantage of.

three, high-end user

According to official data

announced last year, WeChat team in 50 million, users have 20 million active users, 25-30 users is estimated over 50%; mainly in the line of big city, for young people, white-collar, high-end business people, "

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