The qiyi line is to follow the trend or occasion to meet new content tide

December 20th, Iqiyi Partner Conference held in Beijing, Iqiyi announced plans to upgrade PGC partners, and combined with IDG capital, China cultural industry fund, Jingwei investment three well-known investment institutions, the establishment of venture capital amounting to 1 billion of the venture capital alliance partner, from the source to keep high-quality original content incubator. In the new PGC partner program, Iqiyi announced the launch of "Iqiyi", this play is not the first in the industry, however, is still in the video site for the first time, in the "XX" flying new era, Iqiyi’s move is to follow the trend or to meet the new era of


new era of video platforms need to upgrade

after the launch of the WeChat public platform, XX number has gradually become the mainstream form of mobile Internet content. According to incomplete statistics, has now officially launched the "XX" WeChat public number, QQ number, number of public headlines, penguin, a number, 100, Taobao, UC, headline, Phoenix, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Sohu, Jingdong, the world No. panorama, No. 360 Beijing, kn, Ali, Alipay, kn Wi-Fi manneungyulsoi life number, number, number of public thunderbolt.

Iqiyi senior vice president Dan Geng Hao announced that in 2016, the original content has been completely broke, the number of Iqiyi platform partners from 2293 growth to 8700, an increase of nearly three times, reaching 40 thousand cooperation column gear, that is to say, PGC model itself has been in the outbreak, why Iqiyi launched "Iqiyi" in order to follow the trend of the occasion?


the answer is no.. As I had a summary of the article: "XX" has become the essence of the mobile Internet revealed that landscape is a new era of content: PGC is relatively old, but today the content production, distribution, consumption and liquidity have been dramatic changes in the past, and this PGC is different, and even can be said "new" subversion of the past system based on the WEB content of URL, BBS search engine has the challenge, challenge, all the contents of websites and App have challenges, the video site is no exception.


upgrade PGC partner program to meet the new era content is. Iqiyi and I channel is different, with the words "Dan Geng Hao more effectively connected with the user". In my opinion, the core of it is: to reduce the content of the production threshold, while enhancing the content of the producer’s custom distribution rights, through the center, to further enhance the efficiency of distribution. By these means, the Iqiyi content consumers (20 million members, 200 million + users) and content producers (8700 partners) resource inventory.

sharing style will be the trend of the video industry

The core features of

new era lies in the "shared creation", whether it is today’s headlines this kind of content platform, or Iqiyi, concept, and total travel industry "

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