NetEase focus on the Levy of ten years the thread mechanism and originality

I horse note: when it comes to NetEase thread, your first reaction is "interesting", "talented". There have been media comment: "the netizen IQ, look at the NetEase building group". NetEase is made of a fine thread, with its unique mechanism behind the credit and ingenuity are inseparable.

from 03 to 13 years, the NetEase post has been living for 10 years. Many users can get critical recognition, it is never an easy thing, but the NetEase post do, what


< keep abreast of the NetEase was not built in a day, as a NetEase to keep abreast of Internet products, even in a very long time, no special products for people. Before June 2006, I as editor in chief of the news center of the NetEase, was in charge of topics, forums, products, audit and other work, and later was transferred to the position, still associated with products. Therefore, directly or indirectly responsible for NetEase to keep abreast of previous functional design and transformation, part of the operation. Before leaving the NetEase, has promised to colleagues, summing up the past, for later reference.

a, born:

Keep abreast of the launch of the

NetEase, Sina started much later than before, the bottom of the page " comment; " button is directly linked to the forum, and Sina at least in 2000 " I ". NetEase until Li Xueling (now play the game network founder and CEO) served as the director of content (editor, as) was launched in the second half of the 03. Early Li Xueling personally led design.

two, levy and reply to

1, NetEase in the first half year post, no levy function. At that time, the style is similar to sina.


levy is unexpected

levy is not at the beginning is designed. At that time, in order to solve the user continuous discussion, can not see the context, allowing continuous reference reply. Didn’t think out the effect of levy.

3, TABLE under the 20 floor

The Levy of

at first, use the way of TABLE. Show only 20 layers. As a result of nested TABLE, the middle is getting smaller and smaller, and finally contracted into a thick line. Friends call it " collapsed floor ".

4, DIV under the 50 storey building

by the end of 06, modified to DIV, can be extended to the 50 tier. The new problem is, users will keep abreast of COPY to blog sites, DIV will be filtered or lack of style support, thus unable to show the full levy. At that time only for a specific blog (NetEase, Sina, Sohu, etc.)

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