Web site was caused by the site is not written off the site does not record the crisis of survival

from the beginning of this year, the ministry launched the "clean shell website and filing inaccurate information website" activities, to deal with the shell class record data, site record information of all website record number because there is no corresponding access or access information is not accurate and other reasons, preparation of case number will be canceled.

Since the

from this activity, many website owners may have received ICP registration cancellation information, usually cancelled after filing room through automatic detection will find no record of domain name, and then close the site requirements.

What is the

shell class

data record?The so-called

shell class record data, including data and the main shell shell site data. Shell body data refers to record information in the Ministry of industry and information filing system, there is only the main information, without any website information and access to information; shell site data refers to, in the information industry and the filing system, the record information of at least one site without any access to information.

Most of the current

ICP record was canceled because, mostly because of network access business information is not correct, a few years ago the record in the form of network access providers names are manually fill in, the majority of small and medium-sized site may from time to time will change the host operator, which leads to the current access providers where to find the information, therefore tongguanju will cancel the record number.

once the record number is canceled, the current domestic room because there is no record number and prohibit the website access, web site owners can only choose to rename the domain name for the record number.

record photos have been implemented

is now filing with the previous record is the difference between the need to take pictures. The previous record ministry discussion to the current work of the camera has been implemented, all the site sponsor must pass the identity information to audit, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. Access service units to be collected and retained in the record site responsible for the color of full faced photo. Filing Center production, provide special screen with a logo as background pictures, photos should display photos of time and background logo. Corporate users are required to take photographs, if it is responsible for taking pictures, you need to have a certificate to prove that the main person to do the camera. The photo must be neat, the irregular returned very much. This means that the majority of domestic websites will once again usher in the real name system test.


currently filing documents need to be prepared:


1 enterprise: copy of the business license, legal person Id photocopy (if not legal in addition to providing a copy of ID card, but also with the domain name certificate, certificate of entrustment seal), the verification of the authenticity of a single stamp in two copies, network security responsibility, a five inch two photos with the specified screen zhang.

2 government, institutions need to provide

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