China’s nternet profit model is too far away from Silicon Valley the mobile market is mainly affec


in February 6th, Line released their 2013 fourth quarter results, single quarter revenue of $120 million, the annual revenue reached $338 million, the Reuters said this evaluation, Line has become the highest income in 2013 non gaming applications. According to App Annie data, the current Line has more than 340 million registered users, is the fastest growing Store 2013 iOS App and Google Play non game applications in App.

intrigued me with this comment: "the highest paid application in non gaming applications" looks like Line’s assessment of his business performance over the past year. In the PC side and mobile terminal integration today, you can hardly tell who is pure application. If you take it to count, such as Facebook in the fourth quarter of 2013 revenue of $2 billion 590 million, 53% from the mobile advertising, mobile terminal 945 million monthly active users, which is proposed by Facebook in 2012 and the full implementation of the "Mobile First" after the results, in the face of such data, you really hard not to think of Facebook as a a "Smartphone App" approach.

PingWest there is an observation that Chinese Internet entrepreneurs are saying goodbye to the Silicon Valley worship, Silicon Valley is no longer a source of inspiration for China’s more successful entrepreneurs. This is a very perceptive judgment. The reason Thomas judgement is: 1, Chinese ecological Internet giant began to participate constructively in the domestic Internet business, let entrepreneurs have found the realistic possibility of multi direction and way, also let entrepreneurs easier to return; 2, the enhancement of the quality of the entrepreneurs themselves, let China Internet entrepreneurial team in some areas the product and operation level is near or equal to the Silicon Valley start-up company or even exceed them, which reduces the psychological dependence on Silicon Valley and worship in some areas; 3, Silicon Valley venture entrepreneurs from Chinese away. On the basis of these three reasons, I think we can add a reason: 4, China’s Internet profit model is too far away from Silicon Valley.

in Facebook before and after the listing, I was not optimistic about Facebook criticism, criticism of the effect is: as long as Facebook has a sufficient number of users, grow fast enough, do not make a big mistake, earnings will not be a problem. My biggest concern is that the mobile advertising market is too small. Later, Facebook through a year’s time to prove that they can get rapid growth through advertising. And only need advertising, you can ensure that Facebook has a good performance. Facebook in 2013 Q3 advertising revenue accounted for 89%, accounting for more than in 2013 accounted for more than Q4. In the Facebook listed in 2012, from the game accounted for 15%. Another phenomenon worth mentioning is

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