The original CSDN editor Liu Jiang officially joined the U S group as Dean of the College of Techno


technology news September 10th noon news, former editor Liu Jiang CSDN published today micro-blog announced to join the beauty group recently, as Dean of Institute of technology, is mainly responsible for the technical team of internal and external communication, brand, team and cultural construction work.

previously, Liu Jiang served as editor in chief of CSDN magazine and "programmer", and served as chief strategy officer CSDN. Also served as the Turing company co-founder and editor, deputy editor of Huazhang company.

following Liu Jiangchang micro-blog:

a lot of friends may already know, yes, I recently joined the United States mission, served as Dean of the Institute of technology, is responsible for the technical team of internal and external communication, brand, team and cultural construction work.

why choose the United States? This question has been asked many times, I think, or write a unified answer to the article.

at the end of last year I did at CSDN for 5 years, began pondering his next step, before the choice of many: to invest, pull the team of their own, there are a lot of potential good start-up companies looking for me to do a partner, of course, has received several of the biggest Internet Co and traditional IT giants invitation. But in the end, I chose the United States mission.

chose to join a company, in fact, to make an investment in your own life for several years. I am 70, do this kind of investment has not too many wayward capital, so this choice, I am still very careful.

first thought about what to do with someone.

from the personal impression, the United States has always been a group I appreciate very much.

Wang Xing team in school when I have to work, so just know, and not registered. Really have a direct impression of them, because the rice is not. Although I was mainly in Twitter playing awfully, but also registered Fanfou, from time to time over diving.

later rice has shut down for more than a year, the team didn’t loose, it left a deep impression on me: This is a group of idealistic young people, like me, and believe the power of the Internet to do some interesting things, can change the status quo.

you may not know, at that time, the great effect of a, Wang Xing as national conditions, do not understand what, not down to earth as the representative of "elite returnees, simply think that technology can change society…… Do a few even investors feel cool site, but has not earned a lot of money".

is the same but soon after, a group of young people, but did a beauty group, and in the cruel thousands of regiments have withstood the test of war, from soaring.

interestingly, now U.S. corporations doing business in the country’s more than 1 thousand and 100 City, most of which is the three or four line of the city, the most part of the China down to earth, where beauty group market share absolute leader, and Gan Jiawei led the U.S. group >

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