Share several ways to quickly add WeChat fans

WeChat as a new social media tools, his value is far more than micro-blog. Because the user is large, easy to share information, and the use of public numbers to share content, easy to get others to share. As long as one can share all his friends in the exposure. In a word, is the dissemination of information fast, wide, so he was born with the characteristics of marketing and marketing. There are plenty of people who use it to make money, but not many people actually use WeChat.

as early as a few months ago, I almost did not play WeChat, until I began to operate and promote my mutual Adsense network after I really began to use WeChat to do promotion. At the same time, I also learned a lot of ways to promote, but I found that most of my friends do WeChat promotion, in fact, are dead in the absence of fans. Because there is no fans and friends you release something basically no one to see. No one can see the natural spread of the effect.

so you want to use WeChat to do the promotion or make money, you must have a powerful personal account of it, but at least to fill 1000 fans and friends. These people are the ones who open the first window for you. Otherwise, even if you operate your personal WeChat account, or the public number, or will not see what effect. Unless you spend money on promotion, there is no discussion here.

recently I found in the circle of friends a lot of webmaster friends is like this, obviously there are not many friends. But all the time I send some advertising, to tell you the truth. It is no use doing it, unless you have a lot of fans to help you recommend or you can try again. In the end, you just say, hey, WeChat is too hard to do.

in fact, WeChat is just a tool, marketing and promotion of truth and methods are not changed. So, if you’re going to do or are doing WeChat promotion and marketing. May wish to help their WeChat full of electricity, plus some fans first.

I will share with you how to quickly add to WeChat friends, if you read the article where you do not understand can also add WeChat and I exchange.

well, began to enter the business.

before the operation, first of all we have to understand one thing:

why do you want to add your WeChat? You always have a reason,


I analyzed the general will add you have these people.

1, bored, happened to the person (no use of fans)

2 is a person who knows you (general fans)

3, the same industry with the interests of people (medium quality fans)

4, need your people (high quality fans)

5, people who admire you (high quality fans)

generally add your WeChat also on these 5 kinds of people, we add friends, then we will focus on the following 3 kinds of people. Because you want to do

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