Network bird fly feel website operation promotion profit

network: bird watching the world now closed network era, every day there will be a new term, the general webmaster can say he is a grassroots webmaster, or what is the root. I think I may be below the root. Root you might wonder why the network called flying birds, is called birds no, primary school graduation, the words to play the anti? If you want to know if you’re smart, QQ:25808300 will understand, in the next study, I will tell you, if you want to.

in a few days is the motherland sixty birthday! Hope the motherland prosperity! Well, to the point. For a long time, recently is not popular soft, I also try to write a little, also hope the webmaster Haihan have little talent and less learning.


website operation, promotion, profit. Is the three step three closely linked to the network is less relevant to these three aspects of learning, learning a lot of days are basically similar. Here I will not say more, just want to say a little bit of their own ideas, ideas. Nine in ten webmaster web site is for profit, we must learn to profit promotion, promotion must learn to operate. Right now, the first look is the same. The first to learn the operation, as a company, a good leader can bring out more excellent employees, Liu Banghe Xiang Yu two people, if to choose who can become a CEO if we let people choose Liu Bang, probably a little more options, why people will be a little less feather. Xiang Yu can be elected king, because he love this. Can also do the company’s coo and the like. Liu Bang from what do not have neither learning nor skill, but why he can last emperor? I think it is because he will use, will say: "how to" this sentence is in essence the essence of…. website operators also like this, no matter what the root of the webmaster, you will use, will "how" you will succeed.

, for instance, in a few days is the motherland sixty birthday! Network each big, medium and small site, his LOGO was modified to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, no matter what day is Chinese abroad, I have never heard of the holiday, as long as the coming, all in see online. But a rash and too much in haste, for a period of time, which fully shows the importance of humanized operation.

promotion, this is easy to understand, like a pile of sand, like a stick, push forward, the sand will spread, very wide. So how to make their sites have a good promotion? Please come and see the world by learning together.

This sequence of events:

network: QQ:25808300 bird watching the world with eyes closed.

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