Who is in the myth of Baidu

Baidu is very good, very powerful! Most users say so;

Baidu is very bad, very helpless! Most webmaster said;


Baidu is also very busy, after the listing of the noise, SEO tide station, makes Baidu in 05, after 06 years of accumulated product group and popularity, face the thorny problem of a serious decline in the quality of the search.

Google, although the market share in China has been in a weak state. But Google has two measures is very popular, the first is the "malware warning function", this approach can largely prevent network Trojan and virus spread, this Baidu do very well, we do the example of "xiao77" in a word, this was the name of a adult forum, Baidu search, generally can not find this forum, because it is blocked, and the Internet is a lie, from the first Baidu search clicks to tenth, 5 less than the virus will definitely, and even installed a professional firewall can not be avoided. The second is the Google keyword matching system better than Baidu, this is not an example, literally search the long tail keywords can be found.

but the strange thing is, no matter how Baidu sealing station (at any time, how to seal a station) manual (manual K), how to reduce the rank (right down for no reason), how arbitrary (video website), in addition to hotlinking condemning, there are still a lot of websites to cater to Baidu, there is a large number of webmaster cried every day whether Baidu included site.

why now the webmaster circles, as long as there is a Baidu what action will start in an uproar? Is Baidu webmaster for influence, really big enough to be in the circle summon wind and call for rain level?

in the end who is in the myth of Baidu


is the first user; no matter what criticism of Baidu, Baidu is the search field Chinese overlord, and accumulation and sedimentation in a long time, a large number of products of group interaction, the user viscosity is very high, Baidu Post Bar visits in the super period more than the official station of Hunan satellite TV is a distinct example. Rely on the survival of the flow of the webmaster, the flow of overlord Baidu, nature, fear of three points.

is the second, SEO, also called a SEO, also SEO, now Baidu search quality decline, and optimize the popularity is proportional to the number of so-called master and master of the people has been launched the so-called experience, speculation continued to make SEO in China network industry continues to heat up, and the additional product is the extreme pay attention to Baidu and Google, and even the two search engines as their parents.

finally, is the webmaster of his laziness character, the original website, every day thinking about how to promote, how to get traffic intersection friend, do something, now the webmaster mind all is: how to collect, how to do.

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