Snapchat leaked the door to the woman’s search site

[Abstract] the new word Happening from the Snapchat leak is the name of her website.

BI Chinese station on October 15th reported

on Thursday night, Chris tal Greve (Crystal Grave) the rest is a leisurely sitting in a coffee bar in Menlo Park, California, she received an email saying that someone mentions her company. Previously, she has set up Google Alert, whenever there is a blogger or Post reporter mentioned her planning activities Snappening search engine company, she will receive notification information.

in the media broke the news that the third party Snapchat application was black, about 100 thousand private photos and videos leaked on the Internet, the reporter began to frantically mention the word Snappening. In the hacking incident, a lot of photos are pornographic children photos. Internet commentators jokingly said the incident was The Snappening Snappening, which is composed of two word Snapchat ("burn after reading photo sharing application) and Happening (accident).

Greve quickly realized that tens of thousands of private photos leaked, it is a good opportunity to promote their own business. She explained how her company was concerned about the Hacking:

"our team is very keen to look at the local, national and international social media on the hacking discussion. It is a fun thing to interact with the world’s huge user base."

with the people on the hacking incident in the online heat, Greve Snappening, taking advantage of the launch of a related advertising.

we asked Greve Snapchat hacking incident to give her company has brought unexpected benefits, she replied:

"our website traffic surge. We estimate that with the hacking incident on the Internet, we will add about 100000 new visitors to our website. Although this event actually lasted only four days, we have seen our website appeared a lot of new registered user accounts, and we have received inquiries from all over the country. I think it has succeeded in improving the visibility of our brand." (Le Xue)

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