Ali mother Adsense feel

foreign trade network marketing on the advertisement of the mom, a month, received a 200 yuan monthly advertising, during the same period, I put Adsense ads, a month income is $2, ha ha, the author of the two forms of advertising compare.

AdSense and Ali mother is as an online advertising platform, whether it is to buy advertising and advertising can be sold on the above to find what they need, this is very similar to the positioning of both sides. However, as the Ali Mama advertising alliance between domestic upstart and Adsense of the world’s largest advertising alliance, still have very big difference.

I think the existing difference among this, because that makes the difference between positioning and Google the difference between Alibaba and the western culture and the Internet advertising and, in contrast, Ali mother more in line with the small personal website China interest.

1: advertising settlement mode of the mom in flexible way of sale is also very flexible, such as the current web site can achieve the mom monthly package weeks to sell advertising, for this part of the advertising budget limited company, this is a very good way of saving cost, for the owners concerned, this is to improve a way of income, the calculation cycle shorten can promote both the assessment on the effect and value of the. Conversely, Google AdWords has invested a set of various conditions to achieve advertising for accurate, but just as much as possible to do so, quite a lot of advertising or by the Adsense system matched to some irrelevant web page.

2: Ali mother Chinese can be familiar with the situation, as the wood louse (relative to turtle) group of Alibaba, the Chinese habits and the China business environment master, is not afraid of Google that can make the biggest names in the internet. Then turn to, from Google in recent years Baidu was forced to retreat can be seen, in Chinese human grasp and the business environment to grasp and control capabilities, Google also need to improve a lot. Similarly, Ali mother came out from less than 3 months to now in the streets of the Internet are full, once again proved that Ali mother is really understand the Chinese webmaster.

3:adsense Ali mother in site beautification is stronger, this means: Adsense can according to the main site and the improvement of embedded web advertising to achieve seamless integration, there is a master once said to me, Adsense advertising, in some areas is still very good, at least not in good harmony and beauty is destroyed "do, Ali and her mother in these areas needs to be improved, if an advertisement hanging in there like a dogskin plaster is the most failure. If you can achieve the perfect combination of web pages and advertising, so that the integration of advertising and content, Ali mother has more room for expansion.

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