Look at the pictures from the personal webmaster workshop Witkey released way

              the survival environment of personal webmaster is getting worse and worse, which is an indisputable fact. Although the country has nearly 1/3 of the flow but the revenue is deteriorating. There is no good advertisers, traffic devaluation so that more and more individual owners began to give up the job. On the contrary, with the frequent meetings held around the station and more new owners to join, but formed a vicious circle. New owners can not find the direction of the waste of a lot of time and money, the old webmaster to rely on their own resources to make more sites to improve the total flow of the method to make up for the decline in advertising costs. Finally, the real money is the domain name registrar, IDC service providers and large advertisers.

              long ago a webmaster friend sent a URL – Photo Workshop Witkey [51ps.com], enough to show that he wants to get rid of the determination of the status quo. Witkey is currently in the country is hot, but also has a good advantage is relatively clear profit model, the beginning can make money. Although less than 10% of the Commission, but at least can form a benign cash flow to promote greater development of the site. And his rich experience can promote the rapid growth of site traffic.

            there are a lot of domestic Witkey network, and the competition is very fierce. Picture workshop Witkey [51ps.com] selection pictures manipulate this field to enter the market shows the webmaster’s clever. From the existing large Witkey website is not difficult to find the image processing is the main reward task, direct selection of image processing this specific field makes users more intuitive understanding of the theme of the site, and not to do a "what is Witkey" training to know what the hell is this website. From the Alexa curve of the image can be seen in the workshop Witkey network launched less than a month’s time flow increased very quickly, that when the next update is likely to enter the 100 thousand. It also highlights the advantages of personal webmaster. Of course, from the design and use of a web site, there are more or less defects, after all, he is still a new site. But this is the direction of the professional website is worth learning.

              in fact, a lot of people or webmaster have clear professional website is a very good direction, from the beginning of the graph king to do dumpster to last the full development of stationmaster net is considered from this point. However, as a personal webmaster is also facing a problem can not find the direction of the author here, I suggest more from their own familiar areas of consideration, such as your personal hobby or work areas, etc.. That picture workshop Witkey webmaster first must be a >

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