Millet phone hunger marketing experience to eliminate the challenges of price


reporter Chen Lirong

there is no store, only through the network sales, millet mobile phone sales in two years from 0 to do 15 million units. Millet mobile phone shipments in 2012 amounted to 7 million 190 thousand units, while the company chairman Lei Jun millet recently revealed that millet mobile phone production capacity will reach 15 million units in 2013 to double the size of.

from the beginning of the first generation of mobile phone millet, millet this brand is accompanied by the Internet "mobile phone" this feature into everyone’s attention, in the mobile phone market China starts a wave of panic buying and mobile phone price war. However, it is noteworthy, as consumer demand for smart mobile phone increases, more manufacturers will be involved in this field, hunger marketing and millet was criticized, or herald millet mobile phone keep will face greater challenges first mover advantage.

fast: millet mobile phone production capacity will reach 15 million

said the millet company chairman Lei Jun on 2013 before, millet mobile phone production capacity will be doubled to 15 million units of the scale. According to data released before the official millet, millet mobile phone shipments in 2012 amounted to 7 million 190 thousand units, sales (including tax) reached $12 billion 600 million. The investment millet VCs Qiming venture partners Tong Shihao (Hans Tung) said: "the net profit rate of 10% millet", which means that the millet mobile phone in 2012 net profit of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, profit rate of more than ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo and other domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers.

in recent years, especially the rapid development of smart phones. Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute data show that in 2012 377 domestic brands of mobile phone manufacturers launched a total of intelligent machines, accounting for 189 million of the overall smartphone shipments of 73.2%. According to IDC, said this year, the global smart phone shipments will reach 918 million 600 thousand, accounting for all mobile phone shipments of 50.1%. In this regard, Lei Jun said in an interview, the intelligent mobile phone market last year was "the first year" blowout, intelligent mobile phone sales over the traditional mobile phone, high speed development would be two or three years.

millet phone step quasi a very good point in time, it is the rapid development of smart phones, millet began, Lei Jun said. For millet, the most concerned about is how to do a better cell phone, good user experience and services, and then began to explore the international market, will continue to adopt advanced e-commerce model.

Internet mobile phone a few happy tears, millet first mover advantage to win the market

with the rapid development of the Internet and smart phones, smart phones have become a major Internet heavyweights who have entered the highlands. However, from the operation of the past year, the Internet mobile phone arena of a thousand li a day. Some people haven’t started playing drums in town; some people in the city soon found that this is a difficult surprise yourself cultivated land.

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