Website marketing will trick

more than 2 billion of the world’s Internet users, regardless of what you do is the purpose of the station, how to attract these people to become your visitors to become a compulsory credit for each site operators. Especially in the number of sites under the realistic environment in population, do not use will kill recruit, still survive in the network in jungle warfare. The following is to sort out some common trick.


] Mafia type bleaching

make some illegal downloads or content, and large flow again after being free, or two pronged strategy, one black and one white. At present, some music sites or download stations, have been pirated software or music downloads. But at any time to pay attention to local laws and government mentality.

[drug feeding]

to provide a large number of free services, waiting for you to become addicted, at the beginning of charges. Just like the current mail free of charge, more space to the larger, even by the individual to the enterprise, when one day, you have accumulated a pile of letters in their database, especially business documents, is probably the time they were ready to accept high protection money with you.


] shrew type

quarrel everywhere, making the topic, in order to flow by hook or by crook. As long as not illegal, he what issues, as long as you can fry to make, all on the table, had a change, do not match with him in the past, which instead of his plan. Just don’t go too far, this is another way of living..


uses rogue software to kidnap browser. This method used in some domestic websites, some of the others in a flagrant way to do is find thugs do.


] caitaiqicu type

spend a lot of money to advertise, anyway, the money to do a good job, buy more advertising, do more sweepstakes, the best celebrity endorsements earlier, and soon the flow up.


] any muddy bead type

hold events or taking other advertisers, use the search engine to read not to recognize the characteristics of the people, to seize the layout. If in the text, the name of the site, or on the web site in a similar point, it is not difficult for visitors to be cheated.


] fishing type

use a similar type URL, or Typo address (e.g. m to n), or down station site, let the uninvited guest.


] borrowing power to do evil type

use of foreign websites have the power to develop Chinese support site, you can quickly accumulate a considerable amount of traffic.


] collusion typeThe establishment of

XXX Association, the use of government websites from using government resources advertising budget, or even directly by the web site, let people think is the official organization, the name of association and government forces GF [document].

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