Ming share some of the chain can be done and the promotion of the site

most of the time due to the update of Baidu and Google, the blog can bring the chain has been very little. Blogs are generally used to do site promotion brings the actual flow, the chain rather than the previous seo. Online to see a lot of method SEO outside of the chain, but are more general, many people know that there are such methods, such as classification information website, network, collection site, outside the chain of quiz site can bring a good SEO, but the specific process of operation is introduced, and the a novice to find suitable promotion website is more difficult. Here on the site known to do a summary of Ming, then come out and share with everyone.

Q & a website:

http://s.wenda.tianya.cn/wenda/ Tianya Q & a

http://s.iask.sina.com.cn/ asked Sina

http://s.zhidao.baidu.com/ Baidu know

http://s.wenwen.soso.com/ Search ask

http://s.ask.koubei.com/ YAHOO knowledge hall

how to operate should we all know. Is not specifically say that all search with your site keywords to answer the question, can also be used to answer the form with its own keyword and url. How to operate the free play.

classified information website:

http://s.www.baixing.com/ people network pr6

http://s.www.58.com/ 58 city pr7

http://s.www.ganji.com/ fair pr6

http://s.www.koubei.com/ word of mouth network pr7

http://s.classadnew.sina.com.cn/index.php Sina classified information pr7

http://s.www.zhantai.com/ platform network pr5

http://s.www.kuduo.com:88/ cool multi net pr6

http://s.www.sosoko.com search souke pr5

http://s.www.edeng.cn easy landing nets pr5

http://s.www.sswoo.com everything prosperous pr5


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