Betta TV plans to raise 145 million to continue to live burn wars

last August, Betta TV has just completed a C round of financing 1 billion 500 million yuan, but now it needs more food to deal with opponents.


source: Vision China

according to foreign media reports, broadcast platform Betta TV is seeking a new round of financing of $145 million (about 100 thousand yuan), the current round of financing valued at about $1 billion 200 million, only higher than the last round of valuation increased by 20%. In August last year, Betta TV has just completed a $150 thousand C round of financing, investors include Sequoia Capital, Phoenix Tencent, China etc..

last year, there are hundreds of live broadcast company was born, in this increasingly competitive market, have continued to seek funding Betta TV help to cope with the challenges, and expand the company’s business in the live outside.

Betta TV formerly known as ACFUN live broadcast live, on January 1, 2014 officially renamed Betta TV. Before the main business focus on the betta live game broadcast, 2016, Betta TV pledged to firmly take the road of development, the quality of the broadcast content diversification, in the hope of the broadcast platform to expand integrated broadcast platform, including game otaku, star of the show, outdoor sports, music, technology, film and television sets, many hot as one of the.

but now the video content more and more companies began to do this live, want to do comprehensive content of live Betta TV idea has great impact. After all, the technology is easy to grasp the live, but the content of the production method is difficult to get the essentials.

according to the interface news reporter, in China, the market size of the broadcast industry has reached $2 billion 500 million. In addition to TV last year and live Betta, reflect the company guest got 210 million yuan Pre-B round of financing, pepper live got 300 million yuan A round of financing, the unfamiliar street and YY broadcast service also do rash and too much in haste.

but most of the revenue from the live broadcast of the origin of the reward to play, so the need for capital support to allow the war to continue.

Not long ago,

has been exposed aperture broadcast news of the collapse, the direct cause of the failure is due to the aperture in the money, users and activity data are not very satisfactory, led to the capital and not for the follow up.

and TV from doing business began to live fish, and also had not disclosed the number of users and activity. If the financing valuation of $1 billion 200 million, is equivalent to the NASDAQ gathered era (YY) half value. But at the end of the third quarter, togetherness era has 53 million 400 thousand mobile monthly active users.

foreign companies, including Facebook and other companies have begun to do live, but also superimposed on its own business in the broadcast function, while foreign like Twitch>

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