started a business failure hope you do not like me

editor’s note: the author of this article, Cheryl Liew, Thinges senior product designer and founder. Thinges is a mobile market selling handicrafts APP.

in the past two weeks, I and others have a spring festival visit, crazy purchase, special purchases for the Spring Festival received a red envelope.

but in the festive atmosphere, there is still a deep fear in my heart.

"where do you work now?"

this is the most afraid to hear during the Spring Festival, even more than when you get married, I am afraid, even though the latter is equally scary.

frankly, at the beginning, I can easily tell friends and family he decided to quit his job to start mobile phone development engineer. I have been worried about how people respond to this matter, but I don’t usually bother people gossiping.

"why do you want to quit your job?" "well, as far as I know, isn’t it a good job?""……

when I mentioned that I was going to quit my job and some of my friends went out to start a business, people asked me the questions. I don’t think it’s new for most entrepreneurs in singapore.

in spite of this, when I submitted my resignation letter, I thought I knew what I was going to face.

I know I have to work hard, I know I will face the financial situation, I also admit that their venture is facing the risk of failure. I think I’ve sorted out most of the problems.

at the same time, I am very excited to participate in the creation of my own products. Nevertheless, I really did not expect to face the following problems.

time to spend time with family and friends is greatly reduced by

it takes a lot of time to start a business. I had been working long hours before, so I didn’t think it was anything new.

however, I soon realized that the time I spent with my friends, family, and boyfriend was greatly reduced. Quitting the business has affected my time with them. It took a long time for them to understand and accept the reality.

that’s a lot of trouble for me. Going out with friends, eating with my family and dating my boyfriend – all of a sudden, I realized how difficult it was to allocate time. I need to work overtime on a regular basis and sometimes I have to work on weekends, so it is more and more difficult to meet with friends, family, and friends.

emotions like roller coaster ups and downs

has been, I think our adversity quotient is very high, and therefore not to venture mobile phone development engineer.

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