WeChat public platform for enterprise how to have the effect of network marketing

in our SEO industry is so spread the word that is: "content is king", this sentence at any time in the search engine is established, in that the search engine have a love of good content, but also love the user search, the search engine users love can not love the reason, the search engine is a good content is displayed to the user, so say, "content is king" this sentence at any time is established, I will give an example.

SEO I just entered the industry, then learn a little SEO fur feel very great, to optimize a web site keywords optimization is my BB cream, I only learned a little, do not know the key competitiveness is much, do not know what time can optimize up, no mind to do, then start to update the site from my website, I update the site is updated, because I so on this BB cream products don’t understand it, write what the article will not, then is to quickly update the copy of a lot of the others, even the content of the article is what all don’t see is copied into the web, then one day a copy of ten articles, there is no effect, after one and a half months did not see your home, then I Frustrated, I thought I made so many articles how also not included ah, others website update one or two articles included, for my hair web page has not been included, is really a headache; then I went to A5.

first, before the lecture today, Nanning asked everyone to use WeChat webmaster asked when there is no such a phenomenon: open WeChat circle of friends, ten WeChat there is a related product promotion services. And also the promotion of this way that he could not help but click to see, and even have a desire to buy…… thus, WeChat marketing has become a sharp sword of Internet marketing.

so how do companies use WeChat public platform account for network marketing it is the first to establish the brand official WeChat public account. The concrete steps of Nanning yesterday asked the webmaster has been with you in detail, do not understand the friends can take a look. Today we mainly explain to you is: with the WeChat public account, how to conduct effective marketing network


first, WeChat account authentication

WeChat certification is important to enhance the trust of enterprises. There are three benefits of certification:

1 when you look for nearby users your potential customers can find you the first time.

2 features become powerful, you can send a mass of 3 messages a day.

3 higher credibility, customer trust and stronger (as we often say "brand effect")

second, increase the amount of fans

fans is also a necessary and sufficient condition for WeChat certification. The amount of fans is just like our everyday customers. Customers will have sales. >

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