The public has an online Chinese cashew tens of millions of dollars A round of financing

shoots NewSeed2 Sept. 8, the civil service exam online training platform cashew public examination today officially announced tens of millions of yuan has completed a new round of financing, the investor is Chinese online education industry fund. It is reported that the current round of financing will be mainly used for small classes of product development.


public examination was founded in June 2011, is the Beijing emperor Liang Technology Co. company’s brand of education, is committed to providing practical, efficient, reliable for services, the main business for the civil service exam online training.

the current public examination cashew open classes, classes, one to one form of curriculum, mainly rely on the natural flow of customers for App. Cashew civil servants under the APP: civil servants daily exercise, every test mode, civil servants ashore plan, it has accumulated more than 2 million of the public service examination candidates.


September 2014, cashew public examination won the Ming potential capital and angel capital plum million yuan Angel round of financing.

founder Zhang Huisui introduced the cashew public examination: "most of the revenue currently cashew public examination mainly from the large class. The main course price is 590 yuan, including more than and 300 hours, mainly through the whole knowledge system and explain the common problems to be true. But the lack of targeted courses, the effect is limited."

therefore, Zhang Huisui has always wanted to do high-quality small classes. It is understood that since the second half of 2016, cashew public examination began to classes, they opened about two class of 50 people tested. Small classes include not only online courses, but also more services, such as homework targeted correction, personalized explanation, one to one online communication, etc.. Zhang Huisui said: compared with the focus on solving the common problem of the big classes, small classes emphasize personalized service, so the focus will be very different. Teachers, teaching, research and development and other products are larger, this round of financing will be mainly used for small class product development."

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