How to integrate the new media Tencent to get the biggest brand effect

have to say, the new media Tencent has completely occupied my life, nothing to do when picking up WeChat and friends to speak, brush micro-blog see hot leisure time, will play two games in the QQ space or WeChat when boring, when they say that the role of Tencent has several new media in our life in that pretty close, so as to find out the essence of several new media social relationships, can let us in brand maintenance with.

first, the use of weak ties to increase personal brand exposure micro-blog

began to study micro-blog, give me the biggest impression is hot, when the operation of administrative micro-blog, every day the first thing is to wait for the collection of hot, then each of micro-blog’s own are hot combined into, the fact that this is true, because micro-blog is related to all people of all people, so only can everyone together is # topic #, micro-blog was the most successful example of the number of Durex, with the hot hot place, manufacturing planning case is extremely classic, remember last year in Beijing rainstorm, Durex had Jinfa over such a micro-blog "Beijing rainstorm, Xin Kui bag with two Durex pictures the condom is Durex sports shoes set together, with very hot and creative high picture finally led to even forwarded more than 90 thousand instantly! This Durex keyword ranked the first topic list. Can go back and look at this case, it is after a careful planning, this is the first micro-blog through a trumpet, and finally by the official Durex micro-blog follow the hype, but the fact that micro-blog also officially because of weak ties, a wide range of social contacts that have contributed to this event, micro-blog’s weak ties it is not only the advantages of short board, maintenance cost and difficulty in micro-blog users is very high, the recent revision of sina has proved this point, Sina wants to set up a private letter by WeChat, but the degree of the user private letter harassment is also great, although gives users the power to choose. Personally feel that the long time to do marketing in an information place, or will cause great harm to the users in the micro-blog! So the appropriate planning and dissemination of personal brand exposure is not Wrong choice.

two, use QQ space to expand the user relationship

I think

users and expand brand exposure are equally important, even for a new brand or from the media brand, expanding the user should be put in the first place, especially in the society. The earliest QQ space and FACEBOOK because of its album function and hot, it is one of the most essential to meet the people desire. "Remember," glimpse of the private university has a crush on a girl will always pay attention to her QQ space, until now because can’t think of someone on the QQ will run to see his first album QQ space, QQ space in this area seems to be the very place, first launched a special care, and then launched a special stealth visit (i.e., during a visit to space to others without a trace), remember the 2010 SNS hot, wrote a study of friends network, Tencent micro-blog and QQ>

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