Do you know that your advertisement is so wasteful


is now advertising everywhere, offline advertising is eyeful are all, frankly, it seems at Chiang Kai Shek: many advertisements are white throwing money wasted, millions go into, the actual effect for the company but 4A PPT case report. Hence the title of this article.

Chiang Kai Shek Sunday green travel, take the subway half circle around Beijing, deliberately look for a moment, finally saw the Internet products company will hit the line advertising, or reverse O2O advertising, online and offline advertising to enhance the transformation, as shown below:


have not seen what the difference? Yes! The two-dimensional code + send gifts now advertise and hold a two-dimensional code and WeChat feel shy to say that they are the experts, ads do not give money, no gift is installed 13.

this advertisement where? Not guessing, directly on the goods. In simple terms, it is good to reverse several O2O advertising elements are in place:

1, valuable attraction –

to solve why the user to scan the code as to why the line advertising, so that the audience scan two-dimensional code, go back to ask the family of adults…… Well, my conscience: to capture potential users.

2, two-dimensional code is large enough, can be scanned in 20 meters –

solves the interaction radius and the user experience of easy scanning. As to why you want to take into account the audience experience, you can ask the boss of 360 weeks.

3, action guide simple clarity –

solve some of the mouse users do not know what to do with the problem of advertising.

4, brand exposure –

this is really nonsense, but there must be ah, to solve the @# * $%&…… 20000 words omitted here.

5, the main body near the money –

solves the fundamental goal. As for why the money from the recent promotional products, Different people, different views., you have a good patron, not in a hurry to make money or not money, can make the environmental protection advertisement, such as Crane Dance pak".

OK, on these. Road to Jane, that I share tips and points, thinking and action in you. In addition: we are not easy ah, while visiting the street phone code good hard.

Pro: if you are responsible for a round of line advertising, try a few more, but don’t tell your boss to WeChat plus the amount of powder or downloads, because he knew this could have KPI, you are more tired after! The gray income is not good to earn. However, the old Jiang guess your media friends will advance with the times, to help you think of optimization method.

of course, you can also continue to follow these small partners to advertise the way, very tall!

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