The personal thinking

do not know why I want to write such an article, perhaps in my heart there is a knot, must be untied, otherwise it will touch the deepest chord.

has just entered the Internet many personal webmaster, want to make a station, to facilitate the later, after all he had crossed the road, this is a very natural idea, I have had, this is my heart.

remember many webmaster, is to flow and the survival of many soft, so that the introduction, but there are many webmaster don’t pause to think what they want to do the same, blind to do traffic, website classification are not reasonable, do local portal, go to the webmaster forum post mixed flow.

in fact, if you seriously think about what you will find, no matter what the station, to survive and profit, you must have a distinctive. That is, there must be a place to attract the attention of visitors. That is the soul of the site ~

I used to boil this down to three categories.

first, technology. Here, I personally understand that for computer technology, including web design, programming, hackers, these technologies, if your technology is higher, then you will be able to gather popularity. You can write a fine program, you can come up with new tricks, you can give them a lot of demand, these are the things they need.

second, capital. Including, you have the server, you have the original article, you are answering English level and so on, even if you have karma, too.

third, the funds, we all know that you have a lot of money, you can burn out a website, the money can have technology and capital.

has a team of funds, so don’t talk about it here.

here I would like to briefly analyze the Admin5 and chinaz

Admin5, capital obviously, years of accumulation of popularity of graph king, chief trading guarantee, it is no exaggeration to say, and can pay with comparable, and thus have a technology, have lots and lots of soft, can exchange knowledge flow and each one takes what he needs.

Chinaz, started relatively early, can only be regarded as capital. What website are large, did not highlight what features, statistics, owners need to query source, template, what have high technology content articles, wonderful station source, no, no, a lot of beautiful style, but the basic can still meet the requirements, but also accumulated a certain flow, so many people still love to use the soft exchange flow.

if you start now, these do not seem to be all of us, I think we should do a good job station, you should grasp these points:

1 source code, the source code of some standing, as long as you need you to collect, or scan, can sweep out, are generally packaged. Remember 35 of the program, there are a lot of a lot of webmaster obsession, now Forum >

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