Creative writing skills eight

can be said to be an important part of the promotion of account maintenance while writing. The quality of creative writing directly affects the quality of the keyword, and its importance is self-evident. But in the creative writing this article is relatively small. Yesterday, I have written the basic principles of creative writing to see [the impact of the quality of the quality of the account], today I write creative experience and skills are summarized in the eight dragon style dedication to everyone. Hope to be able to do some help to promote the maintenance of accounts.

before I write the dragon eight, I would like to talk about my views on creative writing. Creative by title and description, online the more creative rosy. I do not think so, I think it should be based on the title and description of the word to determine. If you are 4 words of words, your title is 15 words, the red number of not more than two, two is the best. The number of words described is 35. The rosy 3 times is enough, I think the whole idea of recording not more than 5 is preferred. Think first of all to take into account the keyword density, personally think that 8-10% is the best, because it is paid to promote the way, the search engine to determine the density is not particularly strict, but it will affect the quality. Because usually do a lot of creative writing on the promotion account during maintenance work, so a density need not calculate very fine, generally do Title rosy two times, three times the rosy description. Because the more rosy, is not easy to write creative, if performed too many times even the basic flow is very difficult to achieve high quality and creative writing. The above is my creative writing some of the wise remark of an experienced person. Below we write creative dragon eight.


.This type of

is very common. Is the direct selling proposition statement. There is no word game or pun, a brief description of the product price, service quality, corporate reputation and other topics need to be addressed. For example: Title: select XXX to make you XXXX. Description: XXXX to provide professional XXXXX services, to provide hundreds of thousands of members of the country to spend a full range of XXXXXX related business.

two, "how" questions

The word "

" has a magical effect on the use of the title. In addition to creative writing, many advertisers claim that if you start with the word, you won’t write a bad title. They may be right. According to my previous promotion data, how to use creative keyword click rate is relatively high. For example: how to lose weight after the star? How to start a college student? In order to produce attractive results, questions are often used in creative writing in the way. Often ask questions in the title, in order to describe the way the actual operation. For example: Title: where to find XXXX Product Description: find XXX products to XXX, XXXXX to provide the best quality XXXXX products

four, three party testimony

with the help of third party organizations

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