EBook marketing

There are a lot of

network promotion, one of which we may use less, is the time to download the ebook promotion, others, sometimes encountered with a web site to download the e-book, such propaganda is effective, but the site outside the chain may no effect. The ebook promotion simple understanding is based by the computer, to the promotion of the website products with e-books in the form of online marketing promotion.


ebook? There are many ways to make e-books, the methods they use to share, the author will first according to their content on the site of a theme, such as a web site to sell children’s products, then the destination promotion object is mom and Dad, making children’s category books are more popular, to to develop the theme according to mom and dad who needs. Second, determine the content of e-books. This content is recommended to share the article is preferred. The e-book is composed of many articles, the title in the title, so the choice also have little skill, title to play a strikingly attractive, with "one" "cheats" and so on most users of love. The title of the title to be professional and targeted, so that the reader will know what to do, to have a strong appeal, so that the reader will not be able to see the title Click to view. The last is to collect e-book content into a book. The collection of content can be their own original, you can also collect on the network, the content collected on the network is not necessarily not popular with readers. For example, the local food packaging all finishing, then for food lovers this is a kind of attraction, to help these people, the content should be welcomed by readers to pay attention to these points:

1 if the network content is relatively small, we put the contents of their items, made into a book, it can also attract users

2 if a lot of content on the network, we have to learn to choose, take its essence, to achieve a comprehensive system integrity. Or a professional arrangement around a point.

when the e-book is completed, it is necessary to conduct an audit, this step will start to spread after the completion of. This is a very important link. The author has used the following methods to spread.

1 first to find their own e-book related fields of the forum published. In the forum may have to publish a certain account level. Note that the posts should be shared. Avoid being deleted by administrator. Baidu post bar should be regarded as a forum, now Baidu has a cloud disk, do not have to register can make the user to download, this function should be good at application. First upload the e-book to Baidu cloud disk, and then copy the address, and then put the address in the Baidu post bar, Baidu is not easy to delete posts, because the cloud disk address is Baidu proprietary.

2 e-book is downloaded to the user, so you can submit to the resource site for everyone to download and share, you can copy the download address collection to facilitate the next release of new resources, you can also

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