A hot 5 hit in August the WeChat marketing queen decide on what path to follow


high temperature limit around July has breakthrough, the same hot and in August hit "WeChat 5", are you ready? However assault horn is not blow on the battlefield has smoke.

WeChat again sword marketing queen

recently came out of WeChat marketing tuba, including 800 thousand fans in the public accounts, mostly with Taobao advertising public number, in the WeChat marketing group in a groaning.after. And in the background of the public platform, mass messaging and advanced features were cut, that is no longer able to mass news.

this is the Tencent following the end of 2012 blocked exposure beauty, at the beginning of 2013 focused advertising ban, and in March this year, the main push each other to combat public number, again like "marketing specialist who vigorously Kanxiang large". WeChat rectification efforts, people can not help but doubt that this is the 5 edition of the Tencent to clean the road.

everyone to do marketing, everyone is afraid of marketing

this is a marketing for the times, everyone do marketing, and everyone is afraid of marketing. When you open the page, sale prices fall topless pop ads scraper, forwarding micro-blog are worried about is soft, yourself for others to do the wedding. Hand slide poke the icon, you can immediately pop up a strange ad page, or there is a special for your customized advertising recommendation. Metro bus electric lights on the column cowhide moss also posted a two-dimensional code, sweep a surprise, they make you ashamed. In this era, hard soft marketing ads get in by every opening really insane,


WeChat refused to advertising, just do not want to become Ali "amoy". Once WeChat is also flooding Taobao, the Tencent became Ali’s migrant workers. It would suffer WeChat public figures in the account of the painstaking efforts.


hot 5 hit in August, are you ready?

have a wife with children’s parents, left up prices, right up prices, but wages did not rise, the rest is our apprehension of glass. Hot days, the WeChat 5 is also hot,

teach us to decide on what path to follow?

in the online search to WeChat marketing success stories less and less, let alone down to earth portable. However, through the Tencent micro-blog pulls pony brother published a long article entrepreneurs entrepreneurs "wrote a letter", but to see a few Shu Shuguang.

long small horse brother again sure WeChat light App development direction, said the future of the Internet world may not need to register a domain name, web site, only need a number or two-dimensional code sweep, all services can provide and implement. Service marketing, admire the look far ahead from a high plane.


5 now Mami said before WeChat marketing, I think it is too early. We say how to use WeChat to better serve our fans.

a, widely circulated from the gimmick constant >

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