Three squirrels founder give you one hundred million can not burn out of the three squirrels

three squirrels founder and CEO Zhang Liaoyuan

Sina Technology Liu Anni

I came out of business, a new fund, I’ll give you some money."

"yes, you can give me one hundred million."."

"I give you three hundred million."

August 20, 2015, three squirrels founder and CEO Zhang Liaoyuan received a former partner of IDG, the current forright capital founder Li Feng phone, Li Feng on the phone to Zhang Liaoyuan expressed a desire to once again on the three squirrels investment ideas.

September 16, 2015, three squirrels announced the acquisition of the total amount of 300 million yuan in the fourth round of financing, investment funds have been Weifeng Swiss fund, in September 15th the arrival of all so far, three squirrels valuation reached 4 billion yuan, becoming the highest valuation of the electricity supplier brand on the internet. In the financing of the conference, Zhang Liaoyuan half half playfully joked that "the money I did not want to, but I want to support Li Feng venture. This is going to last as long as 1 hundred million, dropped 3 hundred million."

In fact,

as early as in the early days, three squirrels won the IDG capital of $1 million 500 thousand A round of financing; July 2013 B round of $6 million, led Party voted for the capital today, IDG with the cast; in 2014, three squirrels completed C round of financing, a total investment of 120 million yuan capital today and IDG capital, the development of three squirrels the process has been accompanied by Li Feng, in this regard, Zhang Liaoyuan joked: "so we said is true love."

this is home to the main business of the nuts food business enterprise, June 2012 was officially launched, 65 days in Tmall mall sales ranked first in the same year, with the "double eleven" day sold about 35000000 yuan, in 2014 annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, the first half of 2015 sales of over 1 billion 200 million yuan, annual sales are expected to break 2 billion yuan. After the completion of the four round of financing, the current valuation of the three squirrels has reached $4 billion.

from two years ago, a little nut five people to start a business, from 0 to 4 billion, has won three favored capital, has become the whole network ranked the first food brand, September 21, 2015. In Anhui Wuhu three squirrels headquarters, Zhang Liaoyuan accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, said the three squirrels success lies in every step of the step on the pace of Internet development today, don’t say one million and five hundred thousand dollars, you are to give one hundred million yuan, let me make a three squirrel in Tmall is certainly no chance because, Taobao exports no bonus.

for the three squirrels future development plans, Zhang Liaoyuan also made no secret of his ambition, said it would "go nuts", to do global snacks of the future.

the birth of three squirrels

January 1, 2012, Zhang Liaoyuan resigned from an agricultural enterprise general manager’s job to start a business, that year Zhang Liaoyuan is 36 years old. In China >

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