Silver passenger C round of 300 million yuan financing recently released a new strategic layout

August 3rd news Hongkong listed group "wandering holdings announcement announced the completion of 300 million yuan of silver off the C round of financing, so far, silver became the tenth to complete the Internet financial company C round of financing. Prior to that, in October 2014, it had access to the source of capital lead investment, the capital of the wind with tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, in June 2015, it had access to the world wide web of $20 million in the B round of financing in Kunlun.


it is understood that the silver guest first appeared in front of the public in 2013, the main P2P platform in the year of the silver guest network. Silver passenger network is located in the construction of a comprehensive compliance P2P platform, the main platform for the current mortgage. In the last month, 18, silver passenger network officially changed its name to silver guest finance, and the synchronization of the Bank of Xiamen capital depository system.

silver off since the beginning of 2015, began to develop a diversified business model. May 2015, silver guest group’s wealth management tool – Jane finance quietly on the line, the main one smart smart investment diversification, as of now, Jane has more than 4 million 250 thousand users and nearly 20 billion financial results.

at the same time, silver group also began to layout in the asset side, August 2015 officially launched the flagship asset management platform of the "Financial Times", now covers Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Southern China, East China, three major economic zones. In addition, it was in 2015 to invest in rental staging platform will be staged".

from the end of the fund to the asset side, and then to the consumer side, we can see the layout of the silver group has a more clear idea. Recently, there are internal sources, the recent release of the silver group recently announced its strategic layout.

in fact, in 2016 the regulation of Internet banking has been controversial, the possibility of the existence of the license or regulatory. As for the license plate must be refined management, for the border will be very clear. The industry believes that the future will be a large platform through the group’s strategic layout of Internet banking, Internet payment, Internet congregation raised, Internet insurance, Internet fund sales and other business forms.

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