How to improve the activity of WeChat circle of friends

with the WeChat platform users and influence continues to expand, WeChat circle of friends marketing has to say is the top priority of WeChat marketing. Every day every day, a variety of WeChat marketing activities are still in full swing, including point praise, comments, replies, collections, forwarding, etc.. Some people can thrive in the WeChat circle of friends, more and more smoothly, effect more obvious, and some people insist that only after a period of time do not go down, found the WeChat marketing than might have been much more difficult. There are many factors affecting the marketing activities of WeChat, but there is little to mention, but also the existence of a lot of skills, that is, on the promotion of the circle of friends (friends) activity.

first, enhance the activity of WeChat’s circle of friends is the most important to enhance interactivity. The traditional point like, share, comments and other ways for WeChat’s marketing content or lack of interactivity, the reason lies in the lack of information exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the interactive aspects of the article. On the one hand, WeChat marketing content has a certain appeal, including the contents of the title and abstract (part of the content to display a list of WeChat in the circle of friends) to be able to cause the attention of friends, people are curious, interesting, such as the use of question and answer quiz is more likely to cause the curiosity of fans. On the other hand, positive interaction increased the frequency of comments can also enhance the circle of friends fans, because there are further comments, but also to allow friends to participate, psychological feel content publishers are involved in the discussion and share with other fans, so as to promote participation.

secondly, enhance the activity of WeChat circle of friends can introduce a certain business model. There is no doubt that the purpose of WeChat marketing is marketing, there are some more practical and effective business model can be used in WeChat marketing. Before people have been using the "hunger marketing" may appear as "panic buying goods" in the form of WeChat marketing, the introduction of "limited time" panic buying in order to increase the user’s participation in the circle of friends; again, can be "commodity auction" in the WeChat circle of friends, similar to the Taobao shopping mall the form is also an effective way of marketing, because of the introduction of these business models corresponding to the WeChat circle of friends will affect the user’s psychological associated, and psychologically prompted them to participate in the interaction in the circle of friends.

addition, enhance the activity of WeChat circle of friends can take advantage of the material in life. WeChat circle of friends, although users participate in the network, but they are living in reality, therefore, if the content of marketing and life related material, you can make it easier for users to participate. Creative and trivial things, things in your life if you can take advantage of, released to the WeChat circle of friends in the right place at the right time, but also can draw the circle of friends flow, especially creative and fun things to let WeChat greatly enhance the activity of the circle of friends. As in the WeChat circle of friends released a most people usually do not see the animals, can lead to the user’s desire to further understand

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