Get rid of the old thinking of network sales to understand consumer habits is the key

a lot of corporate marketing staff have such a feeling: when you buy a few TV ads will be able to cover the majority of consumer groups. Today, the world has been hit by TV commercials. The network is becoming the main position of the enterprise to open up the market. Accordingly, the network marketing plays an important role in the market. How to stand in the invincible position in the fierce competition in the network, only the real understanding of the needs of the user, understand what the user wants, we can develop effective network promotion strategy. Now many companies do network promotion, whether in the direct website, placing ads, network promotion and other aspects of user needs analysis.

we take the auto retailer’s website as an example. Look at the user needs analysis which aspects of the content:

first, the analysis of the automotive user groups are enterprises, groups or individuals. At the same time to understand the user’s age, gender, etc. to analyze the characteristics of the user. Through the market analysis found that 20 years old car buyers accounted for the majority.

secondly, many users are through the network to obtain information. The network of information on the car a lot, there are daily car buying knowledge, car insurance information, new car information, etc., and now there are many websites have information in these areas. Looking for the target customer gathering place, which is the mainstream car sites, which forums to these places as the enterprise needs to do publicity and promotion of the best place.

then, we want to determine the user’s preferences and habits. The preliminary analysis found that 20 years old young people to pursue personality, to the novel, fast information is very sensitive, analysis of this feature, we have to promote the development of new strategies, the main difference. For example, the website content individuality, illustrated information. Like forums, blogs and other young people gathered to use the novel title, the impact of the image to get this part of the people’s attention. A summary is to match up, so that potential users continue to focus on products, to have the opportunity to buy.

direct website to pay close attention to user needs

enterprise website is the facade of the enterprise, many potential users are through the website to understand enterprise products. If the user likes the site, they will pay more attention to product information and corporate culture. Therefore, to meet the needs of users, with a good experience of the site to retain users, the visitors into consumers. So as a professional car sales site, also need to focus on the following content to meet the unique needs of users.

(1) choose to interact with the user’s marketing. In fact, a lot of sites just pass ideas, promotional products, if only concerned about these, I am afraid that can not meet the needs of users. To make the site to form a fast and convenient communication platform for enterprises and users, the use of this interaction to tap the potential user needs, closer to the user’s distance.

(2) if the website of the important products in the design of a virtual experience environment, a gorgeous picture of the car has been less than our requirements. In the experience environment

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