Behind Alipay PC against WeChat to pay transfer fees



Fenglei Zhang Rui Lin

this weekend two days, Alipay PC terminal charges that suddenly become the focus of discussion of the measures of streets and lanes, almost made a lot of friends at Alipay and do not confound.

however, in consultation the third party payment industry, the author has concluded that the purpose of this adjustment is the core should be to counter the recent heady WeChat, of course, the expansion of income and promote the listed Ali, also the question of meaning, but not the most important.

first, first look at Alipay’s announcement, people say. Alipay said it would adjust the PC end account transfer rate, the original monthly amount of free cancellation rate from 0.5% to 0.1%, 0.5 yuan, 10 yuan cap, per transaction charge. The original rate and free transfer amount from December 2013 to 03 days from. Alipay wallet to free.

, okay, why do I have to say, this action is to make Alipay against WeChat? The reasons are as follows:

1, Alipay’s move is to accelerate the transfer to the mobile terminal users. Previously, Alipay should enjoy the amount of free transfer of benefits is the majority of users at the same time, this part of the user and the mobile phone terminal consumer characteristics fit. No matter how Alipay reduced PC end transfer rates, but we concept for Alipay PC terminal fee "has been formed, and the mobile phone terminal comprehensive free will make as soon as possible to switch to the end of this part of the user mobile phone.

2, mobile phone terminal for Alipay is definitely not just a means of payment, but hope to create "personal wallet". It is worth noting that Alipay PC charges in November 6th on the release of the announcement, but caused people’s attention in the two days. But more noteworthy is that on Friday, Alipay also said the high-profile, Alipay wallet as an independent brand, the number of users over 100 million. In addition, there is a little Oh, Alipay also recently pushed what? Face payment Oh, intime as a pilot. This is a step by step.

3, the most important thing is to pay for WeChat. Whether it is to guide users to the mobile terminal or the store to pay or push it, this is in fact with WeChat with a countermeasure. YeePay Tang Bin said, WeChat has brought great threat to Alipay. In the era of mobile phone payment will be more O2O and portable, and WeChat as the most severe social APP, its advantages far beyond the concept of pay Alipay PC era. Even more worrying is that Ma, WeChat bank card payment function on the line, this threat is more obvious. Therefore, the most important thing is to fight WeChat.

4, Ma Huateng said, Alipay’s change is to fight against WeChat. To see Ma Huateng in the famous thirty thousand words in the speech to say: "then we will see (WeChat) mobile payments in recent up, now see Ali is particularly concerned about this, because he saw red front, need >

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