2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots conference guests speak

this morning, open the stationmaster net at yesterday’s conference have been reported with a lot of friends, I also not reported here, a site map to you and admire: graph king photograph Oh! Wanted to give him the next MM shots, but not I didn’t go too ~! Ha ha


this is a live photo


The former president of sina

a hand with sina listed, Chinese Internet industry expert, the incumbent Beijing click technology general manager Wang Zhidong


this dude is 51.com Mister Pang Shengdong buddy


brothers told a captured Hill story, the king of the mountain is now personal webmaster, Liang Shancai can do together.


this is the general manager of public comment Zhang Tao

tells the story of his experience in the network and the difficulties encountered, how come over.



brothers Beijing Comsenz founder and deputy general manager Li Mingshun

we are more and more webmasters use Discuz but they developed oh.


this does not need to introduce, ha ha, map big brother

he was in the field exposed a lot of content such as Oh, ADMIN5’s monthly transaction amount, but also give us grassroots cheer, analyzes the current development of China space small station and its potential is huge, ha ha.


is the Kijiji Mister Wang Jianshuo brothers, the brothers play host guest interaction, interesting


this is the boss of Ai Rui Yang Weiqing, but his company has just been a public acquisition oh.

so many guests have come, it is to give us the grassroots face ah ~ ha ha, you look at it, more exciting to continue after the


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