Zhou Hongyi plagiarism tied to the Chinese nternet brings far reaching harm


technology news April 16th afternoon news, 360, (NYSE:QIHU) chairman Zhou Hongyi said on the 15 day in the fourteenth session of the National People’s Congress antimonopoly law forum, big companies copying and bundling, great harm to the China Internet industry.

why China can not go out of the Facebook is because China’s Internet has formed a natural monopoly." In Zhou Hongyi’s view, a monopoly of Baidu Internet traffic, when Baidu’s own video service, the video traffic all of it provides to its subsidiary companies, Qiyi, potatoes, Youku will lose a lot of users.

and Tencent controls all users. Innovation is done by small companies, small companies have done almost, Tencent on this product exactly the same copy." Zhou Hongyi said that a few days ago, NetEase condemned Tencent, while many game companies have made micro-blog denounced Tencent, China Internet Corporation in addition to Tencent, the company’s products are basically all Tencent copied.

Zhou Hongyi said: "the most terrible is that Tencent have hundreds of millions of users, it began to use the binding way, and is especially effective. CCTV affected 100 million users a week, Tencent will be able to affect the evening of 300 million users. Many users even think Tencent is original."

seems to Zhou Hongyi, plagiarism coupled with the pattern of the Internet to bring the harm is very far-reaching. Although China’s Internet has formed a number of leading companies, but because of monopoly, especially with the combination of plagiarism, but also to make a lot of Internet Co no innovation possible, or even lose the power of innovation."

He said that Microsoft

for example, but also use the same method to treat Netscape, the IE, the Netscape browser. "I don’t think it’s important for a company to die," he said. "It’s important for the United States and Europe to investigate Microsoft for ten years. From then on is a turning point, at least in the Internet, no big companies like Microsoft, through the copying and bundling to kill small companies, ushered in the United States in the past ten years, the development of the Internet gold."

, the United States does not care about the strong number of companies with high market capitalization, YAHOO is very strong, Microsoft is also very strong, but the United States every ten years will come out of a group of companies such as Google, Facebook. We encourage young people to innovate, but the competition in the market if there is no basic protection, not for the forced bundling and crackdown on innovations, protection, we do not have the real soft power." Zhou Hongyi finally said.

the theme of the current session of the National People’s Congress anti-monopoly law forum is knowledge innovation and monopoly regulation: the development of the Internet industry norms". From Renmin University of China, Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than ten colleges and scholars, from the National People’s Congress, the Supreme People’s court, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office and other government officials, the expert group composed of this forum, the main >

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