Macro Yang Albert and ShopEx help independent e commerce development

10, 2008, the domestic authority of the advisory and Taobao jointly issued the "online shopping market development report in 2008". The report shows that in 2008 the annual turnover of China’s online shopping market for the first time exceeded billion mark, reaching 120 billion yuan, an increase of 128.5%, the city has become the mainstream of the two or three line of consumer shopping area. Compared with the previous year, online shopping transactions increased by nearly 40 percentage points. There are indications that, in the financial landscape rampant environment, online shopping with its unique characteristics has become the most popular way of life.

at present, various types of e-commerce market in China have begun to take shape, and showed a relatively concentrated state. B2B Alibaba nearly 7 into about C2C in Taobao accounted for more than 8 of the market, in 2008 the turnover is more than $90 billion, will be far behind in the second.

compared with the scenery of Taobao, Taobao sellers is another scene. The term "sponsor" of life, network operators are relying on the network trading platform "to eat", facing great pressure in all aspects of the. "It is very important to choose a safe and stable trading platform for anyone who really makes the online trade" career ". The platform can attract consumers, the extent of competition to deal with peer business is fierce, how far can support themselves, the credibility and strength of the platform provider, etc., many factors need to be considered. I believe that no one is willing to put his hand to build up the online shop for a pay "East" crisis." Several senior Internet sellers have expressed the same concerns.

there are a lot of sense network operators have begun to plan for their own way in the future, the solution is consistent: the establishment of an independent shop, and at the same time network of independent shops and shop.

"now there are thousands of men’s clothing stores like me, and there are new stores every day. In order to later set up a certain barriers to competition, high-level stores often choose to go low strategy, because in the Internet trading platform, customers have too many choices, than you who have the advantage of low price, customer loyalty is very good grasp." Sales of men’s boutique Chen, at the end of 07, embarked on the road of independent shop, "is now two stores, one in Taobao, mainly recommend some new styles of clothing, the other is a domain independent shop, mainly to provide personalized service for members like custom clothing, Gift Redemption the method of operation, more flexible, more series of products. At present, most independent shop customers are more agreeable to my clothes, my identity for people, come directly from Taobao, the adhesion is very strong, it is partly through a variety of online promotion activities to attract. I hope that through this kind of double shop to make up for each other in the form of the market bigger, establish their own brand."

Compared with the previous

and the need to open a large number of independent shops and technical support, now independent shop is more easy, >

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